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Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Barnhart, MO

A 5000 Sq Ft Facility For Lots Of Learning, Growth, & Play

Your child’s imagination and dreams are big. Their learning environment should reflect that. A stunning 5000 sq ft facility, and learning centers in each classroom, create bright, big smiles as your child explores subjects that interest them. They develop and reach their full potential while having a blast.
A 5000 Sq Ft Facility For Lots Of Learning, Growth, & Play

The Most Convenient Location Is A Big Plus!

Handle your errands easily, whether dropping off or picking up your child at the center. Nestled conveniently off the main interstates, take advantage of nearby amenities, including grocery shopping, a Walgreens, a medical clinic, a gas station, and more.

Our Amazing Staff Make All The Difference

Best director & teachers around! We couldn’t ask for anyone better!

2 Fantastic Playgrounds For More Exciting Outdoor Play

They love having time on the playground to run, climb, and explore in the fresh air. Watch them build social-emotional skills by connecting with friends through activities and outdoor adventures, plus age-separated areas ensure they stay safe playing with other children of the same age.

The Green Area Is Open For Water Play, Running, & More

Your little one’s eyes light up excitedly when they see their wide open space to roam, run, and get the wiggles out. Called “The Green Area,” this ample, safely enclosed space sparks outdoor fun with water play, Easter egg hunts, and other exciting activities teachers plan.
The Green Area Is Open For Water Play, Running, & More

Character-Building Is An Essential Part Of Your Child’s Curriculum

Character-Building Is A Part Of Your Child’s Curriculum

Character-Building Is A Part Of Your Child’s Curriculum

Character-building is a part of our faith-based curriculum. Our approach provides even the youngest learners with an emotional and spiritual environment that allows them to feel safe and at home. Teachers emphasize helping your child develop morals that instill gratitude and generosity as they learn compassion, love, and an appreciation for others.

Faith-Based & Play-Based Early Learning With Pre-Reading Too!

The fun times begin as your little one builds early reading skills and strengthens their knowledge base through exploratory play! Teachers create hands-on, play-based activities where your child learns to read, write, and develop respect and kindness, readying them for kindergarten and life.

Meals & Snacks Are Included In The Cost Of Tuition For You

Save time in the morning and money on your weekly groceries as you take advantage of all-inclusive food options. Your child enjoys a daily and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack, energizing them for big learning days and building habits around healthy eating.

Parents Apps Capture Precious Moments & Make Payments Easy

With the Brightwheel™ parent app, you enjoy photos and videos of your little learner in action, plus instantly communicate with teachers. Also, make your tuition payments seamless and easy via your Procare© parent app, so you can focus on what really matters—your child’s progress, growth, and well-being.

An Open-Door Policy To Give You Peace Of Mind

Teachers and staff encourage an open-door policy, allowing you to confidently visit anytime and voice and settle all concerns or questions. Through parent partnerships, you also work closely with your child’s teachers to ensure they receive the care and attention they need to match their pace.

Yes, We Proudly Support Families Who Qualify For Subsidy!

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